Who owns that domain name?

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Research domain name ownership info

Request the public information about a .com .net .org .co.uk .org.uk .me.uk .uk .scot .wales .cymru .eu or .mobi domain name using our whois lookup tool.

Free and easy whois tool

This whois look up tool is as easy to use as as searching with Google, and just like Google we're 100% free to use too! Bear in mind that not all registered domain names provide full information, for instance UK individuals who have chosen to protect their privacy.

Generic and UK domain names

You might have noticed that we have a particular slant towards the UK domain names, and our whois tool is no different. Using our tool you can look up registration information for any registered doamin name with a generic or UK-specfic domain extensions.

Info direct from the source

Our whois look up tool provides you with reliable information for registered domain names, directly from the registrars for each of the Generic and UK domain extensions we provide research and registration services for.