About Search Names

a little info about who we are and what we do

Search Names is a free domain availability tool

Search Names was built to make it easier to find the perfect domain name, with an emphasis on just the domain extensions a UK business might need. Search Names isn't a domain registrar or hosting company, but a tool to find availability then choose to register a domain with one of our partner sites - all leading and experienced domain registration sites. Using Search Names does not change the price these companies charge to register your domain names, and is a free-to-use service for our users.

Search Names was created after it was reported that some domain lookup services were snooping on what was being search and registering domains you didn't purchase. You can use Search Names safe in the knowledge that we are not going to snatch domains you search for here, and you can use the site freely to explore any number of possible domain names.

We made Search Names even more useful than just a domain search and registration tool, it can be used to link to selected online tools to help site owners gain insight into their own sites, or that of thier competitors.

Find the generic and UK domain names you really want

Search Names is a better way of finding the domain names you really want; with a fast, reliable search and the ability to register your chosen domain names with multiple registration companies.

Using Search Names to find your perfect domain is fast, free and simple; it also works on any device - mobile, tablet or desktop - without downloading any apps.

Compare multiple UK domain companies before you register

Search Names is here to help you find the domain names you need to set up a UK business online. We provide domain availability for all the best UK-specific domains, as well as the usual .com, .net and .org generic domain extensions.

If you're setting up a UK business online, Search Names is here to make it easy to find your perfect brand.

Research registered domains for info, seo and design tools

Search Names is more than just a domain registration site. If a domain is already registered we provide links to cool tools which can give you insight into how a site is set up and who owns the domain.

Many people use this 'added extra' to check their own site for problems, as well as information about their online competition.